A Guide to Skill Building Resources for the Cloud

A Guide to Skill Building Resources

Inspired by the Summer School theme this month, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of resources that I’ve found valuable for building my own cloud skills. Some of these I continue to refer to on a regular basis. For easy reference, I’ve bundled the resources into several categories below.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Training and Certification

Did you know AWS has its own virtual training system? And most, if not all, of the virtual trainings are free of charge. If you are thinking of starting, or have just started, to learn about cloud, a free and recommended option is their AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, which should help you prepare yourself for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. That, of course, if you think you should pursue certifications in the first place. 

I highly recommend going to https://www.aws.training and checking out what else is available there, no matter your level of cloud expertise.

Serverless Land

Serverless Land is another website maintained by AWS. This one, however, is -as you expected- all about serverless technologies. The content library is huge, and varies from basic-level, Getting Started with Serverless, all the way up to more advanced ones, like App 2025: Build with Tomorrow’s Patterns Today. 

AWS Blog

AWS hosts multiple blogs that you can follow from your favorite RSS reader, but also straight from their Blogs page. Content varies from launch news all the way up to how to better architect in AWS. 

AWS Events and Webinars

Reading isn’t your thing? No problem. AWS has multiple events and webinars going on all the time. From virtual on demand session to live in person events, their list feels endless. You’re sure to find something on a topic you want to learn more about.

AWS YouTube Channel

Want to learn on your own time with on demand videos? Check out AWS’ official YouTube channel for everything from launch announcements, to services deep-dives.

The Official AWS Podcast

Too busy to look at a screen? AWS’ official Podcast is a great way to listen on the go using your favorite Podcast player.

Free Tier

No matter your preferred media for studying, at some point you’ll need to get your hands dirty to put your theoretical knowledge to practice. You should be glad to hear that AWS offers a Free Tier that you can leverage to start building on AWS for free. 


Microsoft Learn for Azure

Microsoft put together some really neat learning paths that anyone can follow to learn more about Azure. The capability of filtering out paths based on role, level or even product, is very helpful. All 100% free. 

Learn TV

Microsoft also has a live TV channel for learning, although you can always watch previous episodes on demand. However, you should be aware that the topics are really broad and include all things Microsoft, like C# for instance. So pay attention to the schedule to see when they’ll be covering something that makes sense for your learning goals.

Channel 9

Channel 9 is a pretty cool initiative from developers and technical enthusiasts within Microsoft, which aims to expose their water-cooler conversations to a broader audience. Make sure to filter out by the Azure tag to see the relevant content. 

Microsoft Azure YouTube Channel

If you’re in to Azure and videos, you’ll be delighted to know that Microsoft has an official Azure YouTube channel. With playlists varying from Recent Announcements to Advanced Analytics with Azure, I’m sure you’ll have enough content to keep yourself busy, and brain fed, for days. 

Azure Friday Podcast

Azure Friday is probably the most popular Azure podcast. The content can range from basic to advanced, but it’s always a fun show to listen to, no matter your expertise level in Azure. 

Microsoft Azure Blog

There’s also a blog dedicated to Azure. The topics can vary broadly, but you can filter down to what matters the most to you, such as Serverless, for instance.

Free Tier

Of course, Azure also has its own free tier program. Don’t let the concepts you’re learning go to waste. Make time to get your hands dirty playing with a real-life Azure environment for free.

[Bonus] Audio Book + Ebook

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches with this audio book or eBook and kickstart your Azure career. 



Pluralisght is one of the oldest, but still modern, learning platforms available. This paid subscription has trainings, hands-on labs, and skill assessments across different technologies, including the major three cloud players: AWS, Azure and GCP.

A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru is the new kid on the block – that is famous already. Despite recent acquisitions, their content and platform remain separate, so it’s still worth mentioning. This is a highly regarded platform by many in our industry. It’s also a paid subscription.

Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy, another subscription-based paid platform, is well known among cloud practitioners. It’s worth checking it out. 


Udemy has a different approach. It’s the “Uber of learning”. Anyone can create their own course and sell it through their platform. Because of that, you are going to see the widest variety of courses possible, so try to search for cloud computing, for instance. Some courses can cost hundreds of dollars, but a pro tip is to wait for their (frequent) deals that can bring prices down to as little as 10 bucks a course. Fun fact, A Cloud Guru started as a “course seller” inside of Udemy.



This a unique entry here. freeCodeCamp is a donor-supported nonprofit organization that mimics the bootcamp approach on an on-demand online system. It’s not just about Cloud Computing and it has some bigger emphasis on coding, but that is also a skillset that you might want to build when working in cloud environments. I highly recommend this one.

What about you? What skill building resources do you use most often?

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