Mapping Your Career Success In The Cloud

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm and the demand for cloud technology experts is on the rise.

In this video, our panelists share how they have grown their engineering careers in the cloud, what skills are needed to be a successful cloud engineer, and how to build a cloud portfolio that will help you stand out.

You’ll hear ways to hone and sharpen your knowledge, creativity, influence, and skills that will aid your professional development in cloud computing, and what emerging technologies and careers you should be on the lookout for.

Watch to learn

  • Career planning tips for the future of cloud
  • Recommended resources for learning and skill development
  • Skills and certifications hiring managers are looking for

Who should watch

  • Anyone searching for their next career move in the cloud
  • Anyone looking for great talent to join their team of cloud builders


  • Tristan Lombard, Community Builder, @TristanLombard2
  • Rachel Sweeney, DevOps Engineer, @rbsweeney
  • Mary Kay Stone, Manager, Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Madeline Van Der Paelt, Software Engineer, Team Lead

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