Member Spotlight: Geoff Baskwill’s Journey to Cloud

This interview is a part of our Skycrafters’ community member spotlight series.

Geoff Baskwill is a Software Architect working with teams who are building products in the cloud and helping them solve problems in new and creative ways.

Watch to learn

  • how Geoff went from zero to all in leveraging on the job training for cloud experience
  • the differences in what you need to care about when shifting from on-premise to cloud
  • why Geoff’s next learning focus will be about data management strategies
  • recommended approaches for getting hands on experience building and solving problems with modern technologies
  • how open-source projects can help you learn about the cloud and how software is being created


  • Geoff Baskwill, Software Architect, Twitter: @geoff_baskwill
  • Xabi Errotabehere, Director of Open-Source Innovation

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