Trend Micro is a global cybersecurity leader, and we’ve always focused on going wherever our customers go—and in today’s world, customers are headed to the cloud. We’re active participants in this journey and we face the same challenges and struggles as you.

As we looked around the industry at various communities, we saw plenty that focus on security, and plenty that focus on developers, but very few communities where those two crafts were on equal ground, working together to create secure and scalable cloud operations.

We decided to do something about it by creating a community dedicated to cloud practitioners. Our broad approach is intended to help those who are already well on their cloud journey as well as those who are just starting out. We will seek to foster a community that speaks to a wide range of disciplines and personas, from traditional IT to DevOps and Infrastructure teams, Security, and perhaps in the longer-term others like Finance (FinOps), Line of Business, and maybe even HR to Sales, so that we can help everyone succeed in their journey.

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Welcome to Skycrafters™, a cloud community for people serious about succeeding in the cloud.


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We’re building a community for people serious about succeeding in the cloud.