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What is the Skycrafters Community?

Skycrafters™ is a safe place where those who are already well on their cloud journey or are just starting out can find information and answers quickly, bounce ideas off each other, and work through their challenges together.

Why do we need this community?

In today’s world, businesses and jobs are heading to the cloud. As we looked around the industry at various communities, we saw plenty that focus on specific technologies or job roles, but very few communities that speak to the wide range of disciplines and personas that should be working together to create secure and scalable cloud operations. Our broad approach is intended to help everyone from traditional IT, to DevOps and Infrastructure teams, Security, and more, succeed in their cloud journey.

What am I supposed to do here?

Skycrafters™ is a collaborative platform for sharing challenges, solutions, and inspiration for succeeding in the cloud.

  • Visit the forum and join a conversation or start a topic of your own
  • Join us on GitHub to contribute, provide feedback, and improve the open-source projects we’re working on.
  • Share your real-world experiences and help shape the focus of Skycrafters™ by submitting your own content to be published on this site.
Who is behind Skycrafters?

Trend Micro is a global cybersecurity leader. We’ve always focused on going wherever our customers go—and in today’s world, customers are headed to the cloud. We’re active participants in this journey and we face the same challenges and struggles as you. We decided to create a community dedicated to cloud practitioners to forge connections with those dedicated to the same visionary path.

Is this a community for Trend Micro customers?

No. Skycrafters™ is a vendor agnostic community focused on cloud practioners as individuals separate from the organizations they work for. Content is focused on all things cloud and we encourage contributions from all our members.

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