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We’re a community for those who want to grow their skills, build their career, and innovate by learning and sharing best practices for secure and scalable cloud operations.

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Skycrafters™ is a safe place where those who are already well on their cloud journey or are just starting out can find information and answers quickly, bounce ideas off each other, and work through their challenges together.

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Our members are crafters, wielding the tools of their trade to hone and sharpen their knowledge, creativity, influence, and skills. They are looking to forge connections with those dedicated to the same visionary path. They are eager to make and shape breakthrough innovations & never-before-seen solutions. They are bound & determined to rise to the upper atmosphere of career success in the cloud. They are, in a word … Skycrafters™.

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We invite you to explore and participate in our collaborative platform for sharing challenges, solutions, and inspiration for succeeding in the cloud.

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We’re building a community for people serious about succeeding in the cloud.